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[EU][Raid][Static] Group LF fellow raiders to do weekly raids


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We are 5 players with raid experience from WoW And FFXIV looking to start raiding in GW2. Currently we are geared to start raiding right away. The times aren't set in stone yet so those will be set on a later date.

Currently we have Soulbeast, Weaver, Dragonhunter, Chrono support and Mirage dps. We are looking for preferably a Druid healer (Or any other healer) and dps.

Requirements are:

  • Atleast exotic armour with the right stats.
  • Preferably Ascended weapons. Exotic is allowed with the right stats. Though Ascended weapons should be something that is being worked on.
  • Ascended trinkets
  • Knowing your rotation and role
  • Have a sense of humour

If you're still in the process of gearing up. Feel free to apply too.You can contact me at Usui.4739 or discord Heavon#0716

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