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Elite spec idea- invoker


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Ok I was really thinking I want a class that can transform into something else.

The idea is that the revanant would invoke the spirit into its body and transform into its form for a duration.

For this Elite spec we wouldn’t get a new hero to channel but would instead get alternative skills of the mist to slot in that would change depending on the legend.

New weapon focus.

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@Artyport.2084 said:

@"Aeolus.3615" said:So basicly a warlock, no legend but a mist wizard mode?"Call the powers of the Mist to aide you with magic"

Wand has main or a focus, one or another would not fall from be on theme.

To me it’s more of an expansion of their dervish theme. They just can transform now!

I would leave that for the elite skill tranformation, like deamon does it, maybe it would last bit longer than deamon, due simplification of creating a class animations.Also that means creating new skills for each legend based on this transformation, that harsh for Anet i believe, would just increase the difficulty in the the spec creation, and balance out every skill.. would not be a good thing (as in it would be to much complicated for them). just look how classes ended in balance with just a few skills....on HoT and PoF...

Still, there was some skills role on gw1 elementalist where they could make targets suffer more elemantal damage and make allies take less was a thing in Gw1, maybe this spec could be based on that, while the lite skill could provide some transformation.This spec could even end targets stances :=)

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I did this idea before.

You still get a new Legend, because all classes get new skills with Elite Specs. But the class mechanic changed. You can now double activate the legends you invoke to transform into that legend's shadow/herald/squire/ or whatever you want to call it. You take on characteristics of that Legend, and all your skills change to whatever set that legend's herald has. Similar to Warlock's form, but with the skills all being different depending on the legend you invoked.

I prefer Greatsword for a legend like this, or Great Axe, as a better option if Anet going that route in development by this point. Since we already have Melee Staff which is closes to scythe, But a Melee Great Axe also has a perpendicular blade on the end of a long pole. So somewhat fitting.

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