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How can start the training of Scourge Elite Skill


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Looking at this from a point that says you have unlocked the 'Scourge' elite skill and just want the Scourge torch then you need to to do the specialist collection in the achievement section in the hero panel. Probably not the answer you wanted but hey gives you food for thought.

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  1. To unlock scourge you need every other base trait line and utility skills unlocked. (You need hero points)
  2. Once you have all of them, you can start unlocking scourge. As soon as you unlock it you will get the base torch weapon.
  3. The elite which you're asking of, is the last skill to lvl up in the scourge trait line. To unlock it you need to unlock everything else connected to scourge skills/traits first.
  4. Once you have elite spec fully unlocked, you can start a collection for the ascended version of the torch.

Idk if this helps or not, hopefully it does.

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