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Warhorn skills on the class Warrior

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hello as discussion title says, how do they work?

Charge: This skill now removes torment and burning from allies in addition to its other effects. (cripple-chill-imobilized)Call to Arms: This skill no longer applies weakness. Instead, it now removes weakness, vulnerability, poison, confusion, and slow from nearby allies in addition to applying vigor.

this from the 10-07-2018 patch note.

well happens so many times that if when casted they remove some or none of the conditions above!

before those changes just spam charge and 5 people had swiftness etc etc etc etc

Anomaly in Charge:This is a targeted skill despite it not having any effect on enemies, and serves as an attack for the purposes of targeting: Using this skill while targeting a neutral or hostile creature will initiate auto-attack if the user is at sufficient range, and having the option Promote Skill Target turned on will lock the target if autotargeting is used.

call to arms: none known issues - anomaly - bugs....

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