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Ultima Roamer Soulbeast


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druid is dead. druid is like a dummy, trashtier. test this out :

it is good for teamfights, 1v1 and roaming of coursehttp://gw2skills.net/editor/?vNAQRBHhxG1JhKQHvYDvgLLALvYpQweSARrAQTHY19Cyrub3xbJS/A-jpxHQBJ8EAQvyAA4IA8tHAg42fwfHEAA

paladin's amulet gives u Sustain and Damagerune of Leadership gives u boondurationincrease by 30% ( this build gives u perma fury properly played)

For the Start:cast moa stance then go into juvenile owl beastmode and use 2nd skill: quickening screech, stick with the Party and cast a smokefield from smokescale (jump through it via dagger 2, let teammates use blastfinishers into it) and cast hunters call before entering mid.

for Damage stay on axe/ warhorn/smokescale:example for engaging a teamfight:

switch to smokescale dont go yet into beastmode (it will proc smoke assault),call of the wild (warhorn 2), one wolf pack (elite), hunter's call (warhorn 1), winter'sbite (axe 3), go into beast mode use second smoke assault which also gives u Evasion and use takedown into worldly Impact (highest dps skill) afterwards or in between use axe-autoattacks then leave beastmode ( the smokescale will use his smoke assault again). if u stand near the enemy use splitblade (axe 2). when ur beastmode is in cd stay in range using axe-autoattacks or go defensive with Sword and dagger… as soon as u can enter beastmode again do so cause smoke assault will be rdy soon.

for Defense stay on sword and dagger:

use sword 3 skill for 0,75 second evasion,use dagger 1 skill for 1,25 second evasionuse Sword 2 skill for 0,5 second Evasion and press 2 again for the leap so u can disengage a fight very fast but dont forget to release ur target !in smokescale beastmode use ur smoke assault (2) for 1,5 seconds Evasion or leap fast to a target (750 range)in juvenile owl beastmode use swoop (1) and heal urself with spiritual reprieve (3), quickening screech (2) gives u and nearby allies 33 % movement Speed for 13 sec but since u have the trait pet's prowess while u use beastmode u have 30% movement Speed. I prefer to use smokescale beastmode for moving and leaping towards enemyplayers…. after a respawning use juvenile owl for leaping 1200 range. that skill can be used also as an disengage!use lightning reflexes for a free dodge and for13 seconds 50% more endurance Regeneration. Think About the more u dodge the more u heal urself because u get protection which heals urself by 263 per second. it also removes 2 condition.use first moastance which gives u ~5 seconds protection, ~ 15 seconds Regeneration (134 heal per second), ~ 11 second swiftness and ~11 seconds fury ;nearby allies get a lil bit lesser boonsthen use dolyak stance which gives u ~11 seconds stability and ~ 11 seconds Retaliation which reflects Incoming Damage depending on ur powerstats; nearby allies get a lil bit lesser boons .healskill: troll unguent removes 4 conditions and gives u fury for 15 seconds.

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