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Teamspeak auto-verify through API


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Hi friends! I recently played on a WvW Teamspeak that has an auto-verify feature that works with the GW2 API. This was Fort Aspenwood specifically, but I know Blackgate has something similar too.

I want to add this to the Teamspeak server that I run. Do any of you have any links to this resource and/or instructions on how to do it? Thanks for your time.

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Probably proprietary, but not sure. Multiple verification systems exists, but i have not tried any of them, so can't tell you how well they work.A google search for "gw2 teamspeak verify bot github" revealed multiple projects you could try and use.

If you have any experience with developing software here is the gist of how you will do it for teamspeak

As others have mentioned, you need to get an API key from the user you want to verifyOnce you have it, you can make a GET request at https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/account?access_token= which will provide you with various information about the player, including world ID (e.g. 2007 which is Far Shiverpeaks). To match a world id to a world, take a look at https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/worlds?ids=all

Once you know the user needs to have access on your teamspeak server, you need to put the user in the correct servergroupThis can be done via the teamspeak serverquiry api. I have used https://github.com/TheHolyWaffle/TeamSpeak-3-Java-API for the Far Shiverpeaks ts bot, however you are free to use what ever wrapper you want for the language you use (assuming there is one available, just google for it).Specifically for this wrapper, a servergroup can be given using api.addClientToServerGroup(serverGroupId, tsDatabaseId); where api is an instance of TS3Api. There is an example on the github page on how to obtain an instance of it.

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