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Renewed Focus


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Renewed Focus can be self-interrupted by dodging/weapon swap. Maybe 4-5 times total in all my time playing guardian in wvw, I have been "interrupted" by another player while casting RF. It mainly comes from a delay in information between the server and your screen. If you suddenly get hit with a mesmer shatter combo involving the daze mantra (instantaneous daze) while beginning to cast RF, it will look on your screen like you were interrupted ("interrupt" will not pop up though). This is a rare and unintentional bug. Most of the time as long as you casted RF before a CC lands, it will be negated.

I've also had scenarios where I'm clearly not in the middle of any animation, begin casting RF and due to the most minute skill lag that almost isn't noticeable, I end up not casting RF before a CC lands on me (RF doesn't go on cooldown). Also generally a server-side issue.

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