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Targeting-seeking skills problem


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There are mobility skills in this game that will move your character forward, if there's no target selected,or move your character toward the selected target.

Skills like:

  • Warrior's Greatsword skill #5
  • Ranger's Greatsword skill #3
  • Elementalist's Offhand Dagger skill # 4 (Air)
  • etc.

This type of skill mechanic has two fundamental flaws:1.) sometimes can't effectively disengage a fightWhen players want to charge forward (to disengage a fight)but only to charge backward toward the enemy zerg in WvW or mob (in pve) becausethere is a target selected but the target is not on screen and / or out of skill range.

2.) Chasing down a target even if the target is not in Line Of Sight (LoS) or on screen;such as when target is hiding behind a wall or using shadow step butthis type of skills can still chase down the target quite easily.This is more like an exploit but this has been part of gw2's mechanics probably since launch.

Suggested Solution:Should have options to let you disable target seeking:[ ] if target is not on screen[ ] if target is not in Line of Sight[ ] if target is out of skill rangeSometimes it is difficult to deselect because there's too much going on screen with all the effects, fights going on, etc. (can't even find my cursor!),and couldn't deselect target in time before activating one of those target-seeking skills.and sometimes clicking elsewhere on screen when being unable to see where your cursor is can mean selecting yet another unwanted target.and yes you can keep pressing ESC key (or quickly switching weapon) but that still isn't intuitive.

I believe adding those options should further improve gameplay.

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