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Salvaging Glob of dark matter

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I'm almost ready to craft my first ascended weapon. All I miss are the Globs of Dark Matter which can only be salvaged from exotic gear > level 68 if I'm correct.For the highest change of getting the Globs through salvaging: does it matter which level the character is that does the actual salvaging?

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@Chillian.1897 said:Thnx guys! Salvaged 12 pieces of exotic armour resulting in 5 Globs of dark matter. I can move on crafting Svaard's Greatbow :-)

Yeah the drop rate seems to be worse than it used to be. I use black lion salvage tools on lvl 78-80 exotics, and I used to consistently average one dark matter per item/tool. Nowadays it seems more like 70-80%. I think they did something to make them drop less (or I'm having a very long string of bad luck).

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My belief is that salvaging exotic armors between 72-80 yields the best results.  That's to say about 70%-80% return on items.  It doesn't seem to matter if they're crafted or drops.  I typically go to the TP, select armor, sort by exotic, then sort by price, with the lowest at the top, then scroll down to find the cheapest salvageable armors.  They're typically in the 25-27 silver region.


Today, I was a bit tired of being low on dark matter, and needed to make a few weapons.  So I purchased 100 of the cheapest level 72-80 exotic armors.  As it happened, they were light armor shoulders and helms.  I then maxed out my magic find as much as I could.  I've experienced better dark matter yields with high MF, but I don't have any proof in the Wiki that it helps.  It's entirely my opinion based on my experience.


Then I used four Black Lion Salvage Kits to salvage them all.  Of the 100 armor pieces, I got about 78 DM (plus a crapton of ecto and some T5-T6 mats).  I think I had 21, DM to start (though it might have been 11) and ended up with a total of 99.  Keep in mind, this wasn't reliable every so often.  I had seven non-DM salvages in a row quite often.  So most yielded none, about 40% of them.  About 40% yielded one.  The rest yielded 2-3.  I've seen 4 before, but that's very unusual.  Back to back multiple DM salvages made up the difference in numbers.


So, to sum up, armors seem to yield best results compared to trinkets and weapons.  The best yields com from level  72 and above.  I base the purchases entirely on lowest price exotic armors available (irrespective of crafted, or not).  I put on as much MF as I can, and salvage with BL Salvage Kits.


I can't say there's no better outcome, but this has worked for me fairly consistently ever since ascended armor was a thing.  If you can find a better yield, I'd love to hear that recipe!

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