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[EU][Gunnars Hold] WvW Guild recruiting for a unique raiding experience~! [WvW Guild]


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NOTE: OUR SERVER IS: Gunnars Hold (at least until alliances hits)

Hello to all of you Guild Wars 2 WvW lovers out there!

Many years ago in a land far far away (4 years ago) I was running a hard-core WvW guild Named The Catharsis [CS].We were a Hard-Core WvW guild running a raid almost daily, roaming around with groups of 10-20 people destroying hundreds.

This very day, I intend to re-open that guild!

A little bit of history:

The group will include:Weekly raids (1-4 raids depending on demand and availability)Wiping lots of nabs*The occasional GvG Izi wins

What are the requirements?Be properly geared for WvWHave 1-3 Classes that you can playGo through our series of training'sInterview with the crew~!*Voice comm is a MUST (you don't have to talk)

If you are interested in joining feel free to contact me here / in-game: DevourMagic.2893/ Discord: DevourMagic#2896

Please include the following details:Account name + character nameClasses you play / are they geared for wvwA little bit about your selfAvailability*Do you have experience in WvW?

Thank you all and hope to see you on the battlefield~!

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