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Holosmith condi WvW build

Zhaid Zhem.6508

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Hi guys, I was a bit annoyed with Marauder Holo/Alchemy/tools. Very strong (too strong .... too ...) but I see Holo everywhere, and there are all the same .... clones everywhere.So I try something new, something surprising : The new OP holoAnd it's pretty good actually, sometimes even better than Power because we have a steady burst of 10-12 Burning = instant-death ; + confusion + bleeding etc, so there is no reason to worry a lot about classes with many condi-cleansing.Perma dodge, perma 25 mights. We can stay a very long time in Photon Forge (for the leap for exemple when we need to flee like a coward)Pistol #5 is really strong used with Elite skill and Flamethrower, or anything..Flametrower is really good, I also equip elixir kit for more sustain or roscket shoes.
In small groups or Outnumbered, paradoxically it works great, because people are eager and do not worry avout 3-4 stacks of Dot condition ( What a mistake)

I wanted to make footage but FRAPS drops too low my ips and setting.Wanna abandon your too OP power Holo and join me ?

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