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Mini Vinetooth Faolain's tail


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I'm not even sure it's worth making a post about it but, perhaps this kind of problem applies to others minis, so here we go:

The Mini Vinetooth Faolain's tail dives into the ground, the "gravity" effect drags it lower than the tail's movement can balance. Add to that, the mini's legs stick into the ground, it is positionned lower than it should be, making the tail's problem more appearant.

So, two things:Would it be possible to reduce/remove the "gravity" effect on the tail?And would it be possible to "heighten" its position (I don't have it but I suppose the problem also applies to the mini Awakened Abomination, since they share the same skull), so that the feet don't burrow into the ground?

I know minis aren't a big part of the game, but they exist and are a fun gimmick, and I don't think they should be overlooked...

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