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HELP new player! What are some must have gem store items in GW2?


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Just got to level 80 and bought ultimate edition PoF with HoT and im wondering what i should spend the 4000 gems on? before i bought this, I was hurting for inventory space and moving across the map slow. the extra inventory slots helped a lot and i just got my mount so that should help too. but what other items are great to buy off the gem store?

I still need lots of story missions, 100% complete map, work on achievements, and level up my crafting. I probable wont do raids or pvp until a little later down the line. I will also probable create a thief, necro, and revenant. So I probable dont need anything else for awhile lol.

but what would be some good things to buy in the gem store? im thinking more about QoL items and content, not so much cosmetic

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There are few very practical yes also costy things to get for your gems. You already have a permanent crafting pass from Ultimate PoF edition, so that's one off the list. Other "must haves" are:

  1. Copper Fed salvage-o-matic. And maybe his bigger brother - Silver Fed Salvage-o-Matic. Huge boon. Put that guy in shared inventory slot and no more salvage kit nightmares for any of your characters, ever.
  2. Permanent gathering tools - gathering works wonders for your budget if you tend to stop at nearby nodes when doing map completion. Unless you're out, and who knows when you'll remember/care to resupply. Also some of these tools have extra effects like gathering additional materials that normal tools don't (Unbound & Volatile magic gathering tools for one)
  3. Shared inventory slots - there's a sale tommorow for those. Highly desired and practical. Anything you put there is considered "held" by all your characters. Things like salvage-o-matics, and permanent crafting passess love sitting there. Also pretty handy for Living Story portal tomes (you get those ingame for respective map currency).
  4. Living story chapters - if you didn't get them in some bundle, you will need to buy them to get access to Living story maps and other content that happened between xpansions (Living Story Season 3, and Living Story Season 4 (current)).
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Everything that was already said is definitely a good choice.Additionally I would like to mention bank tab expansions & additional character slots - you'll probably not have a lot of use for the latter yet, but if Alts are something you like, you might still consider it.

Another thing you can do is watch out for sales: unless you feel like you need something right now, you could make a list of all the things you want and then only buy them when they're on sale (usually around 20% less) - this would allow you to get a few more things out of the gems.

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Nothing is necessary, but Zef's recommendations are definitely what I'd buy. I disagree with the suggestions about extra bag slots - personally I've never needed them. If you keep a salvage-o-matic in shared inventory you can often salvage all, deposit all mats to your bank, and free up more than enough space. I mostly just use 18 slot bags and I have yet to run into trouble.

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As a fairly new player who started about a month ago, I would say Zef’s post is spot on. A few things to add.

2/3) Keep permanent gathering tools in shared inventory and regular gathering tools equipped on character. When you’re about to play a character, double click on the permanent tools in the shared inventory slots to easily swap tools. Before logging out, double click on the regular tools in the shared inventory slots to easily swap tools.5) Extra storage of some kind. It may be extra character slots, bank slots, or storage expander depending on your preference. I think some mix of all 3 is best. On a side note, I don’t find extra bag slots worth it, at all.

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From most useful to least useful:

  1. Copper-fed-Salvage-O-Matic to put into a shared inventory slot
  2. Living World Season 3 Episode 3, ideally the entire Season
  3. upgrade to 3-4 Shared inventory slots total
  4. upgrade material storage from 250 to 500
  5. extra character slots up to 9 to allow each class 1nce
  6. permanent gathering tools
  7. bag slots for your main character and/or the character you will farm the most on
  8. 1-2 extra bank tabs to make storage easier

Those are the most useful items to go for when totally new to the game. Th Silver-Fed is nice, but totally useless price wise when there is so many more important upgrades to get. A Mystic salvaging kit will do just as well (I say that owning both the silver and copper-fed).

Living World Season 3 is useful to bridge the story between HoT and PoF and at the same time allows access to easy ascended trinkets as well as the legendary trinket Aurora (very grindy). This Living World Season is by far more important than many of the convenience items further down.

Material storage upgrade allows to store 2 full stacks of materials and makes it a lot easier to transfer stacks to storage characters or to the bank without getting the inventory clumped up constantly. More is better but 500 is sufficient.

Character slots should be an obvious choice. Not as useful beyond 9.

Shared inventory slots are useful for almost anything, the copper-fed, the mystic salvage kit, certain keys, map use items, permanent passes, permanent harvesting tools, etc.

Permanent gathering tolls are useful and nice, but not at useful or required as many believe them to be. Definitely something further down the road.

TL;DR: always remember, most convenience items will take years to pay off. Pick those which provide the most convenience or in game benefit short term since all of them take years to pay off, if at all.

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I been playing since launch. Copper Fed omatic is a must. You need at least 3 more bank tabs. some bag slots on your main, don't do it if you change mains a lot. And that's about it imo. You'll get shared inventory slots for free once you buy the expansions and use the boosters. 2 shared slots is plenty. I put my copper fed o matic in one, and the other still has my booster. I don't think you need anything else honestly. The rest is just for conveniene but you can enjoy the game just fine without it.

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My 2 cents

  1. Copper Fed salvage-o-matic
  2. Bank expansion 1 tab for now
  3. Inventory storage to 500(1 time)
  4. Unbreakable gathering tools

You already have 2 shared tabs from expacs. I would get one more

for fed and x2 toms of LWs teleports( but those will take time for you to farm and accumulate)

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