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Suggestion: Expand "daily X events" to cover more maps simultanously.


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Due to the way GW2 is set up, maps only attract players as long as there's something valuable to do there (be it a map-specific, non-tradeable, reward, or a loot-worthy, tradeable, farm). Thus, once a map no longer holds much interest for most people, newer players have a harder time getting help in them (classical forum post: trying for achievements in the PoF main maps now that the rush has ended).

There is, however, an exception to this situation: when there's a current event that draws people towards an otherwise forgotten map. Rather than adding yet another event to the older maps (like the leyline anomalies or the more recent awakened invasions), I would like to see an improvement over the PvE daily "map x" events. As every PvE player knows, one of the four daily tasks is ALWAYS a "do 4 events on map X". This single entry guarantees an activity spike in the selected map, gamewide, for a whole day. However, there are two downsides to this setup: 1. Not every map is included (LS3&4 maps aren't), and 2. Being it one map at a time, it may be a very long time before a specific map comes up (which is pretty awful for people looking for help for said map, as there are currently 46 maps, if we include LS ones, 36 if not).

Thus, my idea is to have each day have a "theme", which determines which maps are selected:

  • Green (Kryta: 7 maps)
  • Arid (Ascalon: 6 maps)
  • Wasteland (Orr and Ring of Fire: 6 maps)
  • Snow (Shiverpeaks: 7 maps)
  • Forest (Maguuma Jungle, Dry Top, Silverwastes: 7 maps)
  • Jungle (Heart of Maguuma: 5 maps)
  • Desert (Crystal Desert: 8 maps)

Thus, the idea is that every map will have healthy player activity at least once a week. However, rather than let people freely pick their map from a set, I would instead assign each map individually as, otherwise, there might be days where Domain of Vabbi is empty because everybody is farming Istan, or similar hiccups.

The technical details on how to assign a daily map to each account that logs in is up for debate, but it certainly shouldn't be that big of a hurdle. Each day they could just randomize the list of maps for the current theme, and then assign them to players as they log-in, for instance. If players don't have access to their daily-assigned map, then the next available one would be chosen (as it currently happens for players who don't have PoF or HoT when said maps come up).

The design goal is to see higher activity all around Tyria, which I see as a Good Thing :)Your thoughts?

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We used to have this but what happened was everyone went to the starting zones for easy events and do them as quickly as possible. That's why it was changed to specific maps. It might be good to have more zones count but typically the easier of any mix will be the one players gravitate towards.

Living World maps don't get listed because not everyone has access to them. Currently players that don't have expansions won't get assigned a daily from that set. So no Heart of Maguuma Gatherer if you don't have HoT, no Desert ones if you don't have PoF.

Something more like doubling the frequency of Map Bonuses for certain areas might be constructive because it's something that'll apply all day. to an area of the map, and since the rewards are already tiered for each map range it'll be up to players what level of reward will be sought after.

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@"perilisk.1874" said:Disagree with the OP. Specifying a map helps keep people on filled maps, and also makes it a little easier for newer players to finish certain group-difficulty content that would otherwise be nearly abandoned and therefore close to impossible to tackle.

Considering that even at off times (3~4am on weekdays) I've had no problems doing legendary bounties when the appropriate map is tagged for daily, I would guess that even if the active population where spread amongst as many as ten maps, each of them would still have enough players to complete most group content (unless one ends up in an additional, almost empty, copy of the map, but can still happen under the current design).

Really, I wonder how many copies of the daily event map are running at once during off hours... that's the answer to "how many daily event maps" can be had simultaneously without impairing players from completing group content at all.

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