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[NA] [Hell] Hellblazers looking for active players to raise hell of all kinds!

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Hi, my name is Hades and I am the guild leader of Hellblazers, we are located on the NA server, but we do have some players that are in EU in the guild, so people being active in guild is sporadic atm. I run the guild with my gf, she is basically the 2nd leader of the guild and also handles recruiting.

About the guild and it's membersWe are all laid back and relaxed people, there is no drama, and I do not tolerate it, you will be given a warning and then kicked if it happens again. We do make jokes of all kind, that could get 18+ and nsfw from time to time, so fair warning. There is no elitism here in terms of fractals and raiding, so if you do bring that here you will be given a warning before being kicked, you do NOT have to help people who aren't as good as you, but don't be an elitist.

Some notes for joining us

  • There is a 1 month inactive timer, if you plan on going offline for that long then please say so, otherwise you are kicked after 1 month with mail sent to you telling you why and about you rejoining if you so wish.
  • Please try out the guild for a few days instead of just joining and leaving, that gets old.
  • BE ACTIVE. We want ACTIVE friendly users who actually talk and do things with us, either dungeons, raids, fractals or just talking and helping people out.
  • Representing the guild is not required, it is fully optional but it is appreciated.
  • Some players are active only at night and don't get on till evenings, while a few can be found during the day as well.

Guild activities

  • Open world meta events (Expansion metas, base and world bosses), they are called out if someone is doing them or I am.
  • Some members do PvP and WvW
  • Guild Missions
  • Fractals
  • Raids (On this note, I do raid training's, so if you need them feel free to join, but another note, if you do know a few raids and can do training, it would be helpful and appreciated if you do run them from time to time [assuming we get more people who want to raid])
  • Anything else that we end up doing at the time

About the guild and how to joinWe let people do things at their own pace, whether it's map exploration, leveling up or story content, if you ever feel like you need help, just ask in guild chat and we will help you assuming we are online. We do have a discord and it is recommended you join it so you get updates and notifications, and it is required for raids. Me and the officers are available on discord if we are not online so you can always reach us there.

If you want to join or have any other questions, feel free to post it here or send me mail or whisper ingame (UnderworldHades.8410) or the co-leader (Rippinite.6528) and we will be happy to invite or answer any questions you have. Thank you for your time <3

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