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My Advice For Game Content


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Firstly i salute everyone here.I have a few recommendation for improving the game and i welcome any kind of criticism.

  1. Higher rank than Ascended items.1.1 We should be able to atleast use mystic forge to upgrade our ascended items.1.2 With an item that drops from the end of every dungeon we should be able to change stats. For example berserker stats from Citadel of Flame1.3 So we can make all of our dungeons an active content place this way.

  2. New Rune and Sigils2.1 Offering exotic rune and sigils in their ascended and legendary form.2.2 Likewise by adding Challenge mode to all dungeons we can have a random ascended drop.2.3 I am not expecting the same from raids but legendary items should be stronger than it is now.

  3. New properties in new items3.1 If we were to double the infusion slots and be able to improve them from raid and dungeon drops this would add a lot of game time for people.3.2 For example items that we craft in mystic forge could get their parts from dungeons, crafting and with spirit shards.3.3 This would open new doors to contents like dungeons-raid-WvW and fractals.3.4 Legendary armors and weapons could get their stat upgrades from new raids. There is no need for a change in their appearance.

  4. New fractal levels4.1 Increasing fractal levels to 200.4.2 When the requirements above has met there will be some dps and hp increases which with more infusion slots wil open ground for new fractals.4.3 Jewelries can be upgraded with drop items from fractals. *between 100-133 drops ring upgrades,134-166 is accessories and 166-199 is for amulet upgrades.4.4 New fractals and collecions.

  5. Raids5.1 In the order above newer players could clear old raids easily.5.2 New raids could be harder which can be done with better equipment and drop items to have better items.

  6. WvW6.1 I believe there could be WvW spesific mounts that could hit the walls or only hit players which would only make it much more fun for all.

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Legendary equipment already exists.

But why though? what does this add besides WoW addiction mechanics?

Most of this stuff already exists without new gear tiers.

Wiki is your friend. You should visit.

This makes no sense.

This exists. It's called the Siege Golem.

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Hell no, no way 200 fractals? meaning we have to do same thing x16 times? You kidding me

No gear progression either, thank you very much

What are you going to do with double infusion slots? In most cases gear for fractals and wvw are a different thing. It would make sense if legendary armor had double infusion slots

Jewelry already can be upgraded with items that drop in fractalshttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Attuned_equipmenthttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Infused_equipment

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