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Liberator's Vow needs an urgent QoL change


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@Irenio CalmonHuang.2048Please, playing support firebrand means that you have to keep track of 2 invisible cooldowns. Stalwart Speed is not so bad, but Liberator's Vow is designed to be synchronised with Mantra of Solace, but has practical issues.

Namely, Mantra of Solace is affected by cooldown reduction, while Liberator's Vow is not. So, in group settings where you have alacrity, that means that Mantra of Solace charges will recharge faster than the trait, breaking the synergy, and forcing you to track the cooldown manually. The same applies if someone chooses to use the mantra trait.

I have 2 suggestions:

  1. Make Liberator's Vow use a charge of Mantra of Potence, so that both skills are equally affected by alacrity and Weighty Terms.
  2. Alternatively, reduce the cd of Liberator's Vow to 10. That way, we only need to track the 5s cooldown of Stalwart Speed, and know that every other proc, Liberator's Vow is available. This will tie it better with Quickfire, so our quickness traits can synergise better.
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