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More options for reporting

Alec B.8905

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basically the title. We need more options to report people. the current options are WAY too vague. Just today i saw a person running around with an EXTREMELY inappropriate guild name and I have no way of reporting him properly without using a different option. I don't want people to see that in the guild wars community.

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Actually, I would like it better if the categories were more vague. All the pull down does is assign the initial team who takes a look. Regardless of the choice, some protocols will always be followed; the selection only affects whether and which other things also need to happen. For example, pretty much any report investigation requires a look at chat & "GPS" logs. So it would probably be easier if the categories were more broad so we didn't get hung up so much on worrying about which pull down applied.

  • Inappropriate Name (including character, pet, guild)
  • Inappropriate Chat (including spam, personal attacks, unacceptable word choice, ...)
  • Exploit (including botting, selling gold, scamming, & people should consider filing a ticket instead, to offer specific details)
  • LFG & Party/Squad Abuse (including inappropriate use of LFG, /kicks before final boss, ...)
  • Other

Even better would be if we were able to type a 100-200 character explanation of what we're reporting, which we can do for /bug reports.

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What we need isn't more report options, it is better descriptions and better use of the options we already have.For example:

  • Botting
    • This should be changed to make it clear it also includes all sorts of cheating: exploiting bugs, third party tools, bots, afk farming, etc.
  • Inappropriate Character Name
    • This should be changed to include not just character names, but any player-input name: Character names, pet names, guild names, alliance names...
  • Spamming
    • This should be changed to also include illegal announcements like RMT offers and the like.
  • Verbal Abuse
    • This should include any form of harassment like constant whisper spam even if the harassers appear to be 'polite', including having your friends constantly whisper a person to distract them.
  • Scamming
    • This should not be limited to things like making a deal for some service like a raid sell, it also include things like being invited in a guild, requested to donate a lot, then getting kicked from the guild once you have no more materials.
  • Selling Gold
    • This should be merged with spamming.
  • LFG System Abuse
    • This should include things like getting kicked to let a guild member join before defeating the boss in a fractal, and recruiting for guilds or selling stuff in the LFG. Guild recruitment should have its own panel with a search feature.
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