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Very minor exploit: Weapons Swap before level 10.

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I made a warrior to try them out and went into PVP at level 2. As part of the set up process I had to equip weapons and all that jazz so I got a shield and long sword from the vendor to go with the starter 1-hander. PVP happened, did my daily, had fun... went back to PVE and started questing using my weapon swap without even thinking about it.

I found a gun and switched it out for my short sword/shield that way I had range on one set and my great-sword for melee AOE.Later, level 7, I found a shiny new great-sword and tried to equip it to replace the vendor one. I couldn't equip it.I thought that was odd. I drug the vendor sword out of the inventory (H) slot and discovered that the second weapon set was actually locked until level 10.

My beta testing instincts kicked in and I went back to the PVP lounge and equipped my level 6 great-sword bypassing the level requirement all together...You know... for science.

Sure enough it bypasses the level 10 requirement for weapon swapping even when I returned to PVE.It's a very minor exploit, hardly worth patching, but you might want to throw a level check on the zone load and if they are under level 10 force them to unequip any secondary weapon set.


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