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Is it weird that I think all of the kits should be either usable either as fulltime or as a steroid?


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Flamethrower is a mostly excellent hybrid condi/power kit that has some CC and utility, and can be used as a main weapon.

Bombs are great for CC and are decent for damage - and are great for just dropping all at once and swapping out of the kit. The same goes for Grenade kit.

However Tool Kit and Elixir Gun aren't particularly great for any situation, either being used full-time like Flamethrower, or short-term like Bomb/Grenade. Tool Kit as an example, is extremely situational - and even then you aren't likely to have use of more than 1 or 2 skills in it. Repairing turrets (who even does that really?) is nice, not really.. Box of Nails is about as useful as a box of rocks. Pry Bar wasn't even that useful before the Confusion nerf, let alone now. Gear Shield could honestly be the Toolbelt skill for this kit and it still wouldn't make the kit itself worthwhile to use.

Then with Elixir Gun, you have a decent toolbelt skill, and Super Elixir really. The spammable Weakness from Tranq isn't that useful honestly. The range of the kit is also pretty atrocious for what feels like its supposed to be a support kit as well.

Honestly I don't know how to make Tool Kit something worth using other than completely re-doing the kit. The sad state of turrets outside of the Istan farm really makes it seem like the kit ought not even exist really.

For Elixir, I have some ideas;

  1. Tranq Dart is now the [2] skill. It grants 5s of Weakness, more bleeding. Range is now 900 -> 1200
  2. Glob Shot is removed.
  3. Fumigate is replaced with a ground target instead of cone. Range is now 450 -> 900
  4. Super Elixir range is now 900 -> 1200
  5. New #1 skill;
  6. [backpack Regenerator] trait now affects self as well as allies within 300 radius.
  7. [Purification] is the new [1] skill. It is a 425 range cone skill similar to Flamethrower's [1] skill. It heals allies for a small amount 10x and deals light damage to enemies 10x. Think of it as the less-damage/but-with-healing version of Flame Jet.

So yeah, kind of wanted to complain about what I think are really poor performing kits I guess. Thanks for reading.

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