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Channeling Rejuvenating Tides when dropping out of Avatar prevents or eats up Quick Draw


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When you drop out of Celestial Avatar WHILE you are channeling Rejuvenating Tides (#4) you don't get the Quick Draw proc for 'switching' to your equipped weapon from the Avatar skill set. What's up with that?

I've tested a bit on the golem and both switching in and out of Avatar triggers QD just fine if it's off cooldown, but as soon as I'm channeling when dropping out I don't get the QD proc. Nor do I get a QD proc for a (fast) weapon swap after, which makes me think it's not so much that channeling prevents the QD proc, but actually eats it up and puts QD on a new 9s cooldown. Thus preventing the next weapon swap from triggering QD.

Thoughts, experiences?

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