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Idea: Rework Gyro and Turrets to be a singular entity


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  1. Gyro's have no HP
  2. Turrets are removed from the game (I'm not going to talk about replacing skills for Core Engineer right now).
  • Rifle Gyro:
    • Follows the Engineer, lasts indefinitely. Periodically fires a shot at the Engineers target while in combat.
    • Toolbelt skill is [surprise Shot] from Rifle Turret
    • Secondary action is [Net Attack] from Net Turret
  • Shredder Gyro:
    • Placed via ground-target, lasts for 25s (damage modified to account for longer duration).
    • Toolbelt skill is [Firenado] - causes the Gyro to emit flames around its location for 3s, burning enemies.
    • Secondary action is [Reposition Shredder] which allows you to move the turret within 900 range via ground-target, damaging enemies it passes through.
  • Medic Gyro:
    • Follows the Engineer, lasts indefinitely. Periodically heals allies around it and grants Regeneration to the Engineer.
    • Toolbelt skill is the primary healing skill for the Engineer - healing them for a large amount.
    • Secondary action is [Reposition Medic] which allows you to place the turret within 900 range with ground-target. The Engineer still receives healing effects when apart from the Medic.
    • Becomes [Recall medic] which allows you to grab the turret back to follow you.
  • Blast Gyro:
    • Placed via Ground Target, has initially 2 charges. Explodes when an enemy gets near (minimum of 3 seconds from placement) - dealing damage and triggering blast finishers.
    • Toolbelt skill is [Explosive Rounds] - causes your next attack to Burn & Daze the enemy.
    • Secondary action is [big Bang] - detonates all active Blast Gyro's immediately, and in a larger area - dealing less damage but launching enemies.
  • Bulwark Gyro:
    • Follows the Engineer initially, lasts for 15 seconds. Pulses barriers to allies around the Gyro.
    • Toolbelt skill is [Defense Field] from Bulwark Gyro.
    • Secondary action is [Mode 2] - detonates the Bulwark Gyro but creates a Reflective Dome around its location that reflects projectiles.
  • Sneak Gyro:
    • Remains the same.


Turrets historically haven't been very useful for active gameplay. They are currently used predominantly for tagging right now, and to some extent see use in Arena for bunker builds. Gyro's at the same time, have always felt (to me at least) like a half-baked implementation of what everyone wishes turrets did years ago. Further, when Gyro's were added to the game, they nerfed turrets and took away a lot of their QoL functions (such as ranged placement). So these ideas are roughly the merging of the longevity of turrets, the functionality of gyro's, and the features of both merged into a single entity. They are only available of course on the Scrapper, which is a class that doesn't see much love or use outside of Arena. Thats all I have to say on the matter for now.


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I think the fix would be much simpler. If gyro is more than 1200 range away, reposition it to characters position. Give turrets lots of hit points but then have them degen at an accelerated rate by stacking conditions over time which could be removed with tool kit 1.

Many of these skills have useful toolbelt skills and the turrets and gyros still see use.

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Gyros and turrets need to be separate entities. But some do need improvements

  1. One is a core skill type and the other is an expansion skill type.
  2. Healing gyro and purge gyro need to be AOE
  3. Bulwark gyro needs more health so it doesn't get cleaved in seconds, especially in groups.
  4. Shredder gyro is mostly good, they just need to direct most of the whirl finishers towards the enemies or engineer or enemies depending on the field it's placed in.
  5. One thing which should be general to all gyros is to treat them like all like other pets and teleport them to you when you get too far from them. Well, all except the shredder gyro.
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I don't think one being a core skill type matters any more. They've buffed, unbuffed, and completely neutered turrets so much - while continuing to leave the rest of core engi to die, that at this point they might as well salvage Scrapper and come up with something better for core Engi as a replacement.

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I like this idea, mainly because I feel like it makes Engineer like a Rigger from Shadowrun.

Also, turrets suck to use. Even healing turret sucks to use, despite how godly it is. Just because the class is Engineer doesn't mean we have to copy every other game's engineer and have turrets. I'm all in favour of removing them for something more useful.

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