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Why I have Ten Mesmers.

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Before the game launched I remember seeing the interviews and demonstrations of how the dodge mechanics worked. The game had more of a real time action feel to it then all of the other MMORPGs that came before it. This generated a lot of excitement for me. So I bit the bullet and decided to give GW2 a try.

Well it was pretty good the first year or so. I remember the fights as being engaging and not too spammy. If i timed my dodges and outplayed the other guy IN REAL TIME then it typically resulted in a win for me....Then something happened as time went buy... Suddenly every match required you to watch the cards.... continuously. I felt I was playing more of a card game. What do I mean by cards? I mean a number of things. Firstly, condis and buffs. The game eventually forced you to watch all enemie's condi/buffs/ invulns. You couldn't just engage your enemy. If I sweep kick someones legs from under them they fall down.... but not in this game anymore.....Now I had to nibble and then back off then nibble. I couldn't punish someone for their bad game play anymore like I could before. I had to win their passives, their spams, their build.

Yes I could still win, but at what cost? and if they were similar in skill or 30, 40 , 50 percent less skillful, would their build, their passives, still save them?

So now why is it I have ten mesmers? Its because I don't PVP or WVW anymore. I only play Thief Rogue and assassin Classes so I use all my extra slots to port people in JPs. I don't like card games. I like real time action without passive spam. I don't like drawn out fights that are not fighting the person in front of me but fighting the auto plus one button spam surrounding them. So the one class that has been traditionally been the least card game esk class is not what it says it is. Its not a true stealth assassin class, its more of a Circus Acrobat.

But its not just thief that's the problem all the classes have been watered down because of all the non skillful non real time human activated abilities. AOE is another problem. But I digress...

So that's Why I have ten mesmers. Most of my game time involves porting people and playing music. I decided to play gw 2 differently but wish the mechanics would change for combat. LONG LIVE THE DREAM OF REAL TIME ACTION GAMEPLAY.

Note: I stilll play this game because it still has some wonderful things about it. The environments, the community, the characters and the little things like musical instruments, mounts, gliding and exploration.

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