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Exp Raider LF semi-hardcore/hardcore raiding guild

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Hey Everyone,

Iam currently looking for a new raiding guild.

About me:Iam 22, German, and live in the Netherlands. I play Guild Wars 2 since 2.5 years and raid actively since about 1.5 years.

About my raiding experience:1)Lead a semi-hardcore raiding guild.The past 8 month I have been leading the semi-hardcore raiding guild In the end it didn´t even [Meta]. However, I currently do not feel "at home" anymore in the guild and am therefore looking for a new group to raid with.2)Main Chronomancer. I can play any of the usual support builds (Domination/Chaos/Duel&Inspi/Duel&Illu) at a high level. I have the usual weaponsets (Force/Para/Water) and a legendary armor.3)Additionally, I play various other classes at about 90% of the SC Benchmark: Warrior (Core+BS), Guardian (Core+DH), and Thief (DE+CondiDD). I have all relevant raid classes geared and can practise them if required. The only exception to that is Weaver, because I hate it deeply.4)Low Man Experience. I was lucky to gather experience in different Low Man runs, the most notable one our old Desmina 5 record.

What am I looking for:1)A decently-sized guild with highly motivated and active players.2)A place to learn. I want to improve and look for an environment that stimulates growth.3)A friendly environment. Iam not looking for a toxic environment in which everyone constantly compares his E-Pen.4)A decent guild level. A fullclear should usually take around 2.5h. I prefer to fullclear on Mondays, and train on other days throughout the week.

If you have any questions hit me up ingame: Ayra Lightbringer.2874 or on discord: Ayra#9139

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