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Absolute Trash Holosmith vs High Tier Players ? ? ?


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@"DRfear.5234" said:

@Vagrant.7206 said:lol, dat clutch Rampage tho.

Also, why elixir H? The rest I get, but not that one.

much more reliable and you get protection which can replace hardlight arena, it is better heal if you Play SOLO however for any teamplay I always pick healinh turret

elixir H - good vs power opponents

healing turret - goods vs condi opponents

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I only recognise the Kiwi Rev, who are the other "high ranked" player? And zero cooldowns might be wrong but the cooldowns for Holo are way too low, Holo is just one of the random skill spamable high dmg builds with way too much facetank ability. Anet should rly stop to make meta for after work casuals wanna get carried by build to feel like a good player (speaking in general, i do not comment on the skill lvl of the ppl in the video).

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