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[NA] LF PvP teacher


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Hi guys

I have tried a bit of everything in the game and PvP is what I find the most enjoyable (also really keen on getting the ascension wings), I am pretty bad at it but want to get better, so I wanted to see if anyone would be willing to teach me a bit or 1v1 me and tell me what I'm doing wrong.I placed in gold 1 and ended up at 1372, but ranked does seem kinda rng for me so I could easily belong in silver.I am from NZ so timezones are a bit diff ( and I have 230ping avg ).

Am open to trying new classes out but I have pretty much only played reaper, I did a bit of scourge but didn't really enjoy it, my other char slots consist of mesmer, engi, guard and ranger. Also would be up to joining a guild that has training sessions.IGN: Wyntri.1485

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