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Tyria Walkers Association [TWA]

Danger Dave.9046

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Greetings all,Tyria Walkers Association [TWA] is looking for new members! Come walk with us as we explore Tyria's true beauty!

No using waypoints or running unless you are in combat or if it's an emergency.

You miss out on many fine game details when you use waypoints and run around everywhere. This is a guild for those who truly appreciate the design, the graphics, the artwork... Everything that makes Tyria the Tyria we all know and love.

We often organize guild walks around scenic locations. If this sounds good to you feel free to reach out to me in game.

Thanks everyone

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I definitely appreciate the scenery of the game and am constantly stunned by what I find. I think guild walks would be quite fun. I do have questions.

  • I'm not to use waypoints during my own game time separate from guild activities?
  • Are there any rep requirements?
  • Do you use Discord or some other such communication platform?
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You can use waypoints and such on your own time, but during guild activities walking is most appropriate.We do not have any rep requirements.Currently we're just using guild chat but a lot of people have asked me about a discord server, so perhaps I will set one up soon. I'm not super experienced with discord but I do occasionally use it.

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