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TWILIGHT Legendary Greatsword GIVEAWAY


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Hi all,I just won Twilight Legendary Greatsword thanks to a PvE Competition organized by a streamer (Fastest Kill of Turai Ossa with all gambits on my Elementals)

But I don’t need this Legendary on my Elementalist, and my channel just reached 8K Subscribers, so to celebrate this I decided to give this Legendary to YOU, with a Giveaway.

  • No Need to subscribe
  • Only need to write your GW2 Display Name in comment of this video, in YouTube.
  • One comment randomly picked the 10th September, video of the winner will come as usual.

This is my 5th Legendary Giveaway after Bolt, Incinerator, Eternity & Bifrost.Good Luck everyone !Cellofrag

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