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Looking for Guilds (NO REP)


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Sup guys!

I am looking for a NO REP guild mostly for PvE / Open world stuff. I usually like helping people so a good number of newbies would be nice ^^. I am not much into raids, but I do like doing fractals, dungeons, meta events, world bosses. Not a big fan of PvP in gw2.I have a comm tag what can be helpful sometimes, I usually do HP Trains in HoT and PoF Maps, and I can always tag in for some meta event, although I am still learning few more mechanics from metas.If there is a guild where I can do that kind of stuff hit me up. I am not looking for rep guilds because i like my freedom to choose which one I wanna rep, as main, and rep any other when I feel like as well. or ofc, when I am doing events with them.

Main character: Mesmere Olsen (OlsenSan.2987)NA Servers.

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