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Trainingsraid-group is looking for beginners and veterans alike


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Hello raiding community!

Who are we?We’re a small group of varying experience looking for people to raid with.Our experience is reaching from about 50 up to about 250li.If you’re a beginner, feel free to get to know us - We can show you all of the bosses and provide you with additional insights on classes, encounters etc.We aim to constantly learn new things about the bosses and our classes and we expect all of our members to aspire towards constant self improvement.

What can you expect?A friendly, non-toxic atmosphereWeekly group raids and daily pug raidssocial and active members

What do you need?At least one class equipped with meta gear/builds and willing to learn a second classThe ability to work in a teamDiscord (and a microphone), the will to communicate (we don’t bite)ArcDPS

What do we kill?CairnMOSamarogVGEscortYou. Sometimes. Each other. Sometimes

When are we raiding?Tuesdays, 20-22:30 cest

You will be put to a trial so we can determine your knowledge and level of skill. Don’t worry though, as we only want to see, which bosses you already know and which classes you can play. And whether or not you have a sense of humour.

In case you’re interested, send us a mail!Sintara.5297 or lukninja.9273

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