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Vampire elite spec

Hot Boy.7138

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I just wanted to share an idea I have for an elite spec for necromancers.

It's inspired by the vampire beasts in game and vampires in general.

Necros, imo, are badly in need of a very mobile, agile elite spec. One with lots of escapes. In stories, vampires can vanish into mist, paralyze with a stare, and drain life. Like the vampire beast in the game, the unique mechanic should be marks placed on targets that allows mass drain life. Necros already have weapons and traits to support drain life, but this spec should take it to a new level. The shroud should give the necro big black smokey wings. The shroud weapon should look like dual fist weapons in the shape of claws, similar to binding of ipos (legendary focus). Vampire elite spec should get access to lots of smoke fields too, considering that atm, a big weakness of necros is long ranged snipers.

The new weapon should be sword, maybe? Idk, actual fist weapons would be good, but that weapon type doesn't exist.

So i just want to see necros get access to stealth, shadow steps, and general escapes, and not be a sitting duck for long ranger fighters. But it should all be done with a vampire theme in mind. Necros deserve some amazing in-combat mobility after all these years.

Maybe the community have some ideas they can add to this.

Edited weapon from Mace to Sword.

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@"ReV.6097" said:Swords are the best choice.I use Reaper and the Naegling GS for my Vampire.There's a cool Sword for Vamps called "Unspoken Curse", but Necro's can't us it <.<.

The blade of the sword looks so small though. It feels like the Hilt was a GS but the blade is a normal sword.

Do want a vampire sword elite spec though....

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