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☠ {NA/ WvW server: TC} ? I Stole Ur Ice Cream (NawT) Is looking for enthusiastic members!

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{NawT} is a new guild and we are currently looking for Social/active/ friendly players with the desire to play together as a guild! Must be willing to work together in a guild environment. aka: No loafers. PVX style guild,We have our guild hall/web/discord. New player or Vet all are welcome to join. Must be willing to use discord!! We are looking to get into PVE content, with a little back spin on pvp. (mainly PVE). We are not currently doing WvW but our main server is Tarnished Coast. Once the guild is established you can look forward to Fractals, world bosses, raids, and all the other fun stuff.About us:In NawT we do our best not to control,govern, or dictate your game play. We believe in a "Quality over quantity" approach. All new recruits are welcomed in to the guild. As a new member, you start your journey to help foster close bonds of friendship and further strengthen the guild as a whole. New members are given time to settle in and adjust to the workings of the guild without having the pressure to contribute to the guild. Participation is highly encouraged and aids in helping the guild be a success. We are respectful and courteous to one another as well as others outside our guild. If you are an Elitist, or just down right rude, you will not survive in this guild!Discord is mandatory. We utilize discord as our main hub to get information to you. We will also be using it for organized raiding, fractals, guild events, world bosses, ect.. You do not have to be super chatty, but you will need to know what is going on!Wish to know more?Check out our web page: CLICK MEIf interested please mail me in game.

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