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how hard is it to add another dye channel to an existing armor piece? now, i suck at digital art, see below picture is a pic of the dark Templar shoulder skin. it has 2 dye channels 1 for the pauldrons, and one for the tassels. i was wondering if it was possible to add a third dye channel to affect the etching on the pauldrons? thank you for your time and have a nice day!


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We can safely assume that it's going to "cost" less than starting a new skin from scratch, and more than adding new colors. Given that there are hundreds, maybe 1000s of 2-dye and 3-dye skins, which of these should ANet look at first? And having narrowed down that list (which also costs them time/effort), how many skin updates would you want to have before you'd give up a new skin?

There are about 10 outfits that I might have bought, except the dye channels don't make sense to me and a number of otherwise decent armor skins that I won't use because of similar reasons. But none of that is all that quick or painless to do.

Retrofitting old skins suffers from two issues: the actual cost and the diversion of resources towards updating, instead of towards newer items.

So as much I'd like to see a number of skins get the respect I think they deserve, I don't think it's a good use of ANet's time, when we are generally so starved for more skins.

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