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Please rework Necros Focus skill "reapers touch" EDIT-pls merge

Deus Fatorum.2473

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The projectile is so slow and buggy, I have made videos on it, and at this point its common knowledge that the projectile almost never lands. if you jump, it obstructs, dodge before it gets to you it obstructs, move or strafe it will also likely obstruct, even if you stun or immob you better have done so while they were not jumping or guess what it will probably obstruct, minor unevenness in terrain and ... well ... it obstructs!!!

Please if you had the time to rework guardian focus, why not rework this!!! The weapon is considered a bad pick mostly due to the unreliable nature of this one skill.

EDIT- And just realized there was another post, they called it by "focus 4" not "Reapers touch" so missed it, if a dev could merge the thread.

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