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Ember Bay map completion bugged

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I just did this on my ninth or so character. Never faced an issue before, but today I didn't received the reward upon map completion.

I had completed the map before on this char except for the hearts (because I knew I would have to do them again when I was going to play through the story). No, I did not "forget" I had done the hearts before, because it was saying "87%" and "0/5 hearts" before I completed them on this char today.


Again, to clarify things:

  1. Did whole map except hearts --> 87%
  2. Came back months later to do the story along with the five hearts --> 100%
  3. Received no Map Completion Reward.
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I've done Ember Bay 100% (and got the reward), however I am on and have been for months 89%. Poss because I did a heart and it leaves 4 until the set is completed then it removes all 5 again.

Seems to be an Ember Bay issue about deducting hearts from the % completion regardless, possibly because it the first map to get hearts post core

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