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[NA][WvW] [EU Timezone] Player / Commander LF new server


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Hey , I'm a EU timezone player 2pm EST till 5.30pm EST and I'm currently searching for a new server to play with. I'm looking to join a server that lacks a commander in this timezone. I've been playing the game since launch. Played for a long time in the EU WvW scene, but due to work etc, I can't commit to raiding in a hardcore environment anymore. So I'm looking for somewhere (either a guild or a server) that I can settle myself into for allainces when they hit. As I stated I played on EU for a long time and also been around on the NA servers more recently.

If you want any more information or if you have information for me then please don't hesitate to mail me in-game , or message me on here with your details and I will get back to you ..


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Heyy what's up Raivn! I am curious if you're a wheel of time fan with a name like that :p

Anyway, I run a small guild on Kaineng named VPX. I am very interested in finding members with commander experience outside of the few people we have and you strike me as one with a great resume. Most of our members are returning players after many years or they are brand new. This means we have been helping shape them and guide them to be great players and a community.

The caveat for you would be weekday playtime would have small amount of people on for you to lead and play with. Weekend times however would be incredible as that would fill the afternoon void before the nights start off.

If you're interested in taking on a challenge like this, I'd personally love to have you. Stop on in and give everyone a shout if you want!


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Hey, Raivn.

I am Frozen. I am the guild leader of Anvil Resistance and we are casual WvW guild on Anvil Rock. We have 400+ members and we don't have EU timezone commander. However, we have number of players who play on EU time so we would love to have you in our guild. Also, we have an alliance agreement in place.

Anvil Rock as a server, I think there are few EU timezone commanders.

If you need more information, feel free to pm or mail me in-game.


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