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Squads Merge With Party & Boot Party Out Of Instance - Suggestion

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Problem in example:

  • A 5 man party in fractals has reached Ensolyss in a T4 Challenge Mote.
  • One of the party members "let's say the Druid" is out of time for the night and has to leave.
  • The party puts up an LFG for another Druid.
  • Whether he is trolling or doesn't realize what is about to happen, some guy in a squad looks at the LFG and tries to join the 99CM party.
  • When he merges his squad with the party, it starts pulling the players out of the fractal and loading them into the map tied to the entrance of the instance. Sometimes this kicks all of the players from the party and they have to restart the instance over again from the beginning.

This has been going on for a long time and is very annoying to deal with. Super easy quick fix suggestion:

  • When players in a "party" are in an instance, it is impossible to merge with a squad. <- Super easy fix.
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