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Tasks being "reset" randomly which effect map completion

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I noticed this bug on another map but thought to myself that maybe I was mistaken. But now I know it has happened.

Monday, August 20m 2018The Desolation

I had done the task "Help Drojkor, Spirit Squall, control jackals" and completed it to get the Jackal mount. It was the last task I had to do for the map to get 5 out of 5. I had a few Points of Interest to get before completing the map 100%. Logged off for dinner and when I logged back on, I noticed my tasks were now 4/5 and that the task for Help Drojkor was no longer completed. Yet I still have my jackal so it's not like it was reset.

I know that tasks can be redone daily but it's acting like I never did the task in the first place.

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