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Are recipe sheets required or can I discover everything without needing recipe sheets?

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Very basically for fine, masterwork, rare and exotic;You can discover all core trait allocations (Berserker, Carrion, Valkyrie, etc).All expansion related ones (Viper, Wanderer, Grieving, etc) you'll need to find (drop/Heart merchant purchase/TP buy) the recipe sheet for.

Recipes are needed for crafting ascended items.All core stat ascended related recipes can be brought from the appropriate Master Crafter.All expansion related stat allocations you need to find in the appropriate expansion (e.g. Heart of Thorns for Viper, Marauder, Commander, Wanderer, Trailblazer. Path of Fire for Grieving, Harrier, etc.) either by buying from a merchant or finding in a chest/from loot.For expansion trait ascended armour & weapons I know some players make the item with core stats, then change it in the mystic forge to the stat allocation they want. This is one way of getting around not having the ascended recipe (you still will need the exotic inscription/insignia recipe) and in many cases is the cheaper alternative. For example, I want to make a Commanders Ascended Jerkin; so I first make a Berserker one, then in the mystic forge I change it to Commanders by giving Zommoros: The Ascended Jerkin, a Commander's Intricate Gossamer Insignia, 5 Ectoplasms & an Anthology of Heroes. Putting those in the forge will change the Ascended Jerkin's traits from Berserker to Commander.

Hope that helps.

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