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Festive Confetti Infusion and Aurillium Infusion don't show on Mesmer clones.

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Hi,At the moment Festive Confetti infusion and Aurillium infusions don't show on Mesmer clones. Can we please fix this so that they appear on the Mesmer clones as well? It feels really unfair especially in a pvp setting like world vs world where I cannot use these 2 infusions or else the real Mesmer gets revealed easily.

Also I've noticed that if I put the festive confetti infusion in my backpack or my armor then it shows up on the phantasms but not on my Mesmer clones. If I put it in my accessories and rings then it doesn't even show up on my phantasms.


Edit: Ok I've done some more testing. The festive infusion -some times- show on phantasms and clones but a lot of the time it doesn't. Aurilium don't show on clones and phantasms at all.

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Ok I figured it out. Effects LOD in the graphics option will disable some of these infusion effects on the mesmer clones. This also include the special tentacles effects of the sublime wvw armor.

So again this poses a problem for mesmer players in wvw. If the enemy have Effect LOD ticked in the graphics options they can tell which is the real mesmer straight away? Anet please address this. Maybe make an exception and do not apply it for Mesmer clones if Effect LOD is checked in the graphics options? Since it would be unfair for the mesmer player in wvw. You can also restrict this exception to wvw and pvp only if you want.

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