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Musics in GW2 / Songs title

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Hey !

I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one in that case, I'm a real fan of all the music works in every and all GW game / extension. Should it be Jeremy Soule, Lena Chappelle, or Maclaine Diemer, they all are awesome in their variety and the atmosphere they create, usually perfectly relevant to the location or pace of the game.

So this is why I would have a little suggestion. I know that most of those pieces of art can be found on Soundclound, but it may sometimes hard to find which is which by name (ok, the Rata Novan theme is one counterexample, but others might be hard to find, specially when you try to find one particular piece that has been released 4 y ago and you don't remember in which occasion). Would it be possible to add a way in game to know which is the title currently playing in game ?

Thanks alot to all those people i mentionned earlier (and those i forgot) for bringing such quality in their work.

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I think this is a great idea!

They recently brought some changes to the ways you can control the music- music interval, muting off the combat music options.

Audio and composers teams are on the highest level of quality, although I think there should be some improvements like your idea for example.

I hope the devs will look into that.

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