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Opinion on raid selling LFG category


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@DoosDotCom.1547 said:So at any point in time there is more guilds selling raids than actual groups raiding. Kind of annoying filtering through actual groups and selling groups.

You mean actual groups -advertising- selling and groups actually raiding. The LFG is small part of raiding and doesn't include static groups that are actually raiding. On the other hand, it includes many people from static groups that create selling groups.

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@Shard.4791 said:

@"Illconceived Was Na.9781" said:Use a filter in the search window. The following covers most everything.
-recruit -sell

I wish I didn't have to rewrite that every time I open LFGsure, it's annoying

because that's too much work.Isn't it less work than a single rotation for anything beyond the simplest builds? It's literally only 14 characters, less than that in the phrase, "because it's too much work."

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