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Looking for a casual [PvE/Roleplay/PvX] focused EU guild


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Hello!I'm a casual solo player who's been playing GW2 roughly for a year and I'm looking for my first guild to join (possibly multiple guilds). I would prefer a friendly PvE based guild but I'm also willing to join a guild that does WvW occasionally because I would love to get into WvW and do it together with a familiar group. My current server is Blacktide but I'm able to join any EU based guild. My timezone is EET/UTC+2 and I'm usually available in-game multiple times a week, mostly on late evening/evening. I'm not into strict schedules because my personal life prevents me from playing on a regular basis so I hope that the guild doesn't have strict commitments for their members' activity and is also very laid-back and casual. I also roleplay occasionally so I don't mind if the guild is also focused on roleplaying. I personally would use help with meta events and would just like to get to know more people and have fun together while playing. For return, I can help with basically anything PvE. I own both expansions and Living World S3. I have a Discord and Steam account.

I can explain more about myself so feel free to PM me and ask if you have any questions.

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