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[EU] New PvE Raiding guild [DiVi] Disciplined Virgins looking for experience raiders


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Raidguild [DiVi] Disciplined Virgins are looking for new recruits!

Are you often getting flamed as a Virgin, cause you are playing too good (or you want to become a good player)? People guess you dont have a life? Your right arm muscle is 10x bigger than your left one (or opposite if you are left handed)? You start to get tired of this? Or do you want to expand your arm muscle to 100x bigger than the other one? Wanna meet people with same issues? Are you interested in a Virgin-Club, cause other people always knows it better if you are one or not?

Than the Guild full of Virgins,... but disciplined virgins please! Will be your best choice (in the next 5min until you found ice cream somewhere)!

We are a new Raidingguild (with fractals/dungeons) with experienced good people. Our fetish are new challenges and clearing Raids/Fractals/Dungeons with fun and joy as fast as possible.Of course not everybody can be a virgin (or become one again). Thats why we have some requirements. Lets check the chicks out!

Requirements for experienced interested people:• At least 250LI (but we can still discuss about)• Experienced in all Wings + Mechanics.• Be a good player with your own mainclass(es) .• If you apply as DPS, then have at least 1 Power Dps (Holo/Weaver/Thief/Soulbeast) and 1 Condition Dps (Engi/Mirage/Soulbeast/Renegade/(Scourge -> but only for 1 or 2 bosses))• If you apply as Chrono, have at least 1 Standard Set, 1 Ministrel Set (and some weapons laying around for special sigills).• If you apply as Druid, have at least full Harrier Set with Axe/Warhorn/Staff/Longbow.• if you apply as BS, have at least 1 power set and 1 condi set.• Working microphone.• Enough english skills do be understandable.• Motivated to do in future more raids in a week.• Be friendly and dont let the salt overtake your innocent blood.

If you are interested you can message or contact me on:Discord : blaster#5611Ingame: blaster.9210

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