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Toughness from Agony Resistance doesn't increase Power gained by Symbolic Avenger

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Agony Resistance gives Toughness with Fractal Defensive Potion and Symbolic Avenger increases Power by 13% of Toughness but the Toughness gained from Agony Resistance doesn't increase Power. Toughness from gear, nourishment etc. increases Power correctly though.

I tested it on a golem in Fractal lobby to make sure it's not just a display bug and recorded a

. You can skip straight to testing by using

With full +9 AR, Agony Impedance 4, Mist Attunement 4 and Mistlock Singularity you have 212 AR which means 318 extra Toughness from the Defensive Fractal Potion so that should be ~41 extra Power from Symbolic Avenger which is huge when min/maxing.

Probably doesn't work for other similar traits either but I didn't test anything else.

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