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Dear Arenanet,I have enjoyed this game quite a bit, but I do have some things for you to consider.When I started this game, I choose a ranged character, and completely remapped my keyboard and mouse for this character. The reason being that I have severe limitations in my hands, arthritis, that prevent me from moving my hands all over the keyboard without suffering pain.

I just did the Season 2 episode 7, and to my suprise I am now an avatar that needs to do close combat.Imagine the pain I feel now, trying to finish the story.

My suggestion is, to have an upfront warning on these type of storylines, they are painful and frustrating, and if I knew upfront this type of combat was present in this storyline, I would not even have bought season 2. No game is worth the pain... I choose my characters for a reason, and completely set my pc up to be able to play them, dispite my limitations.

I am now abandoning Episode 2, part 7, since I think I cannot combat within the Caithe character without feeling physical pain.

Thank you for your attention, please keep these things in mind for game mechanics.

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There is a solution: Get someone else who owns the episode to join with you. They start the instance, they become Caithe, you keep all your regular skills. Just let us-all know if you are NA or EU and your general available time window for playing and I bet you will get several offers!

EG I am NA and available most afternoons 2 to 5 pm eastern, along with many evenings and have played that episode many times. Given just a little advance coordination, I bet you and I can set up a time to get this thing done for you. Feel free to PM me if you are NA and available approximately the same times.

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