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Looking for Guild, PvX, Mature, Casual, EST


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Hello Everyone,

I recently got back into Guild Wars 2 and have not played much since release. However, I have been having a great time and am looking to pick up again and join an active guild.

EST time zone, but I can play with most any timezone in NA.PvX (pve and WvW interest me).

I am 36 years old and a developer by day, have kids and play gw2 in my off time. It's not super serious, but I've been playing MMO's since the UO days and have plenty of experience.I don't know much about the GW2 endgame anymore and have kinda lost touch with what's going on, but so far it's been a pretty good time.

I have 4 level 80's and working on a 5th now. I can hold my own in a fight and hopefully, fun to be around ;)

Sound like your guild? Let me know, thanks!

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Hey what's up mate!I'm the leader of a WvW and PvX guild called VPX. You're only a few years older than me and I understand the pain it can be to find a good group to play with and connect too. I started VPX to find like minded players and most importantly, help new people ease into the game without having to deal with elitist and toxic people.

I'll leave my post and discord link below, which details most of the things I'd just be repeating here =p WvW is my biggest passion but my other leaders dabble in it all. I think our guild is perfect for you.

Look forward to seeing you mate!https://discord.gg/c2JdBEm


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[RLR] The Lords of Dragon Heart, would be more than happy to have you. We've been a Tyrian guild since 2006 in GW1 and currently have 485 active members. We're casual and a true pvx guild.

[RLR]The Lords Of Dragon Heart recruiting|Blackgate |PvE|WvW|PvP|Dungeons|Raids|Fractals|FB|TS3|Guild Hall|Guild Missions|Lottery 480+members/100%rep. http://thelordsofdragonheart.guildlaunch.com .

Message me here, or in game if interested. :)

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