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WvW | OCX | Borlis Pass| [eN] Entropy is recruiting!


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Entropy is currently looking for new recruits for the OCX timezone. We are a fights focused guild, therefor what we are looking for in a player is a little specific. We are currently seeking players who main the following classes:HeraldsChronomancers (support)ScourgesDragonhunters


  • Be willing to run guild builds
  • If online during official raid time, be on pin, in discord, repping the guild (IRL always come first)
  • Be at acceptable skill level or show satisfactory improvement
  • Able to take constructive criticism
  • PMA
  • Be on BP

Raid daysWe currently raid 8pm-10pm AESTDays: Sat, Sun, Wed, Thur

If you are interested in trailing for Entropy, or have any further questions, please message me in game or in discord, as I will probably forget to check responses here for another week.

IGN: Chrono.6832Discord: Chrono#6832

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