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Did scepter ambush change? (Ether Barrage clones not proc-ing Ether Barrage ambush)


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Hello fellow mezzies, perhaps you can help me something.

I've recently decided to try scepter (please, bear with me on this) for the first time with my mirage and i'm tweaking a new build and I'm a bit confused (pun intended) about Ether Barrage.This video shows a mesmer using Ether Barrage with clones out and they all use Ether Barrage after the ambush has been proc'd:

I have not been able to do this in PvE or WvW or PvP Arena.

The wiki page shows no change to Ether Barrage that would prevent proc'd clones from using Ether Barrage.I looked at the video a few times and I've slowed the video to 1/4 and got this sequence:Mirror Images > Scepter 1 > Jaunt (3 clones proc'd by now) > Dodge > Scepter ambush as Ether Barrage > and boom.... all 3 clones are spamming Ether Barrage.The dodges occur at the 5 and 7 second marks and you can see the Ether Barrage animation tell on the clones which is different from the normal Scepter 1 animation in between.

Am I missing something obvious or is this bugged?Why do I want to do this? I want to test the additional confusion that can be added by the clones. If I see it correctly, between seconds 5-7, they add roughly 3-4 stacks in addition to the toon's own scepter.

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Aw doh! Thanks Ronan - that was it. It's always the obvious stuff. I think i flipped the last traitline around messing with other builds and forgot about Infinite Horizon being necessary. TY!FWIW - I've been able to drop up to 17 stacks of confusion in a clone ether barrage burst. Now I'll see if I can extend the duration of the confustion with the signet of midnight and other condition duration enhancements. It's so fun to watch enemies self-immolate.

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