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PAX West Community Event Ticket Winners Listed

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  • ArenaNet Staff

Hey there,

As you're likely aware, we'll be having a community event during the PAX West convention. The event will take place during the evening of Sunday, September 2, at Gordon Biersch in Seattle. (This location means you will not be required to have a PAX ticket to attend the party.)

If you'd like to be considered for our random drawing to give away a few VIP tickets to the event, please respond to this thread with your best description for Guild Wars 2--in 25 words or less. It's your choice: Share a few words, offer a salient phrase or two, compose a song or haiku... whatever you'd say to share your love of the game!

All winners will be chosen randomly and will receive a single ticket to the event. (This means if you have friends who want to attend, they need to enter, too.) The entry period will end at 9:00 AM Pacific Time (-7 UTC) on Monday, August 27, 2018. We'll post a winners list below and PM the winners via the forums.

You can find full rules about the giveaway in our Legal Documentations Section.

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Wish I was a skilled poet! But - I love guild wars 2 because it allows for my husband and out friends to play together in a fantasy world while allowing us to spread off on our own at times to explore! Love the story line and as my husband can attest - I am addicted to running off on all of the side quests. I look forward to getting a chance to celebrate this year with you all!

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